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Full Service Mobile Grooming Salon

There are no restrictions based on breed or size. Prices are subject to variation. Kindly contact us for a pricing estimate. Before your first appointment, we'll conduct a consultation to provide a more accurate price, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprises at the end of your appointment.

We have in-salon grooming as well!

Hypoallergenic Shampoo (included)

We utilize premium natural shampoo, ensuring your furry friend's coat is luxuriously soft, plush, and pleasantly scented. Each service includes two shampoos and conditioner. Recognizing that some pets have sensitive skin prone to irritation from scented products, we offer a range of options including coconut, oatmeal, baking soda, tea tree, aloe, and more, accommodating various needs and preferences.

Blueberry Facial (included) 

We apply a gentle, tearless blueberry facial scrub to effectively cleanse and refresh your pet's face and muzzle, effectively tackling odors, dirt, and tear stains. Our soothing massage techniques for the face and ears not only alleviate stress but also promote relaxation, ensuring your beloved companion remains calm and content throughout the grooming session.

Paw-dicure (included)

We meticulously trim the fur around each paw pad to prevent the accumulation of debris. Nail clipping is done to ensure the correct length, promoting your pet's comfort and mobility. To address any cracking or dryness, we massage your pet's paws with 100% Shea butter, providing nourishment and hydration for optimal paw health.

Teeth Brushing (included)

We prioritize dental hygiene by brushing your pet's teeth using a finger brush or toothbrush, paired with Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste. Regular brushing between professional cleanings is crucial for maintaining oral health. To complete the process, we apply a fresh pet breath spray, ensuring your furry friend's breath stays pleasantly fresh as a final touch.

Ear Cleaning (included)

We provide a thorough ear cleaning for each pet, eliminating any wax buildup and removing excess hair to promote cleanliness and prevent infections. This meticulous care not only contributes to your pet's overall hygiene but also helps maintain their hearing health and ensures they smell fresh and pleasant.

Sanitary Trim (included)

We ensure cleanliness and freshness by carefully cleaning around your pet's private area, maintaining their comfort and hygiene.

Brush N' Fluff

We believe every pet deserves to be pampered. That's why we meticulously hand-comb through every inch of your pet, ensuring there are no mats or loose fur left behind. Our top priority is to enhance your pet's coat volume, shine, and bounce, leaving them looking and feeling their best!


"Puppy Cuts" and Breed Specific Cuts

"Puppy cuts" involve a full-body haircut tailored to the owner's preferences. We trim the fur according to your desired style, and upon request, we can style your pet in their specific breed cut. Please note that the maximum length of fur that can be left without getting a haircut is 1 inch.

Bath and Trim

This service caters to owners who prefer to maintain their dog's current hair length without opting for a full-body haircut. We tidy up and trim the face, round the feet, clean the sanitary area, shape up the legs, and sculpt the tail. Additionally, for pets with hair on their haunches (back end), we also provide trimming to ensure a neat appearance.

Matted fur

Encountering knots and tangles in your pet's hair? Our goal is to eliminate them all, prioritizing your pet's comfort. While we strive to untangle without resorting to shaving or cutting short, there are instances where doing so may cause discomfort or stress. With your consent, we'll trim the hair to remove mats, ensuring your pet feels much more comfortable and relieved.


Creative Styling 

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet, we exclusively use pet-safe, vegetable-based color products. Our services range from temporary to semi-permanent color, including options like stencils, nail art, airbrush art, and more. For further details, feel free to reach out to us.

Temporary coloring-                                                                          $25-40
full body coloring-                                                                             $50 and up
Nail painting-                                                                                     $12
Dremel/grind nails-                                                                            $12
Special Shampoo-                                                                             $10
Conditioner-                                                                                      $8
Deshed treatment-                                                                             Pricing varies 
Flea dip-                                                                                            $15
Anal gland expression-                                                                      $10
Teeth Brushing-                                                                                 $10

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