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Full Service Mobile Grooming Salon

No Breed or size restrictions. Prices vary. Please call us for a pricing estimate. Prior to services on the day of your first appointment we will have a consultation. during the consultation a more solid price will be given to ensure there's no surprises at the end of your appointment!

We have in-salon grooming as well!
Downtown and South Euclid

Hypoallergenic Shampoo (included)

We use the finest natural shampoo that leaves your fur baby's coat soft, plush, and smelling amazingly fresh. With each services your pet gets two shampoos and conditioner. Some pets have sensitive skin and skin allergies that can be easily irritated with scented shampoos. We still offer a variety of shampoos and conditioners to choose from such as coconut, oatmeal, baking soda, tea tree and aloe, etc.

Blueberry Facial (included) 

We use a tearless blueberry facial scrub that helps with any odor and dirt on the face and muzzle as well as tear stains. Our massage to the face and ears relieves any stress and keeps your baby calm.

Paw-dicure (included)

Every paw gets a trim to the fur in the paw pad to prevent collection of debris. We clip your pets nails to the correct length and the paws are massaged with 100% Shea butter to treat any cracking in your pets paws.  

Teeth Brushing (included)

Teeth are brushed using a finger brush or tooth brush with Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste. It is essential to brush your pets teeth in between professional cleanings. We finish with a fresh pet breath spray as a finishing touch.

Ear Cleaning (included)

Every pet gets a deep ear cleaning that removes any wax from the ear, as well as hair removal. It helps keep infections away, hearing loss, and adds to a great smelling pet. 

Sanitary Trim (included)

We clean around your pets private area to make sure your baby stays clean and fresh.

Brush N' Fluff

Every pet deserves pampering. We hand comb through every inch of your pet to ensure that there are no mats or leftover loose fur. Our #1 goal is to maximize your pets coat volume, shine, and bounce! 

Hair Cuts

"Puppy Cuts" and Breed Specific Cuts

Puppy cuts are full body hair cuts. We trim the to the owners preference. Upon request we will style the pet in their specific breed cut. The longest fur length that can be left on your dog with getting a hair cut is 1 inch long.

Bath and Trim

This services is for owners who like the length of hair their dog has and does not want a full body hair cut. The face is cleaned up and trimmed, feet are rounded, sanitary is cleaned and legs are shaped up, tail shaped. For animals with hair on their haunches (back end) that is trimmed as well. 

Matted fur

All knotted up? We try to remove all mats, tangles, and knots from your pets hair without having to shave down or cut short. In some cases we may not be able to without causing pain or unnecessary stress to the pet. With your approval we will cut the hair down to get the mats removed and making your pet feel much better. 


Creative Styling 

With the safety and comfort of the pet in mind all color products used are pet safe vegetable based products. We offer anything from temporary color to semi permanent color, stencils, nail art, air brush art, etc. Call for more information. 

Temporary coloring-                                                                          $25-40
full body coloring-                                                                             $50 and up
Nail painting-                                                                                     $12
Dremel/grind nails-                                                                            $12
Special Shampoo-                                                                             $10
Conditioner-                                                                                      $8
Deshed treatment-                                                                             Pricing varies 
Flea dip-                                                                                            $15
Anal gland expression-                                                                      $10
Teeth Brushing-                                                                                 $10

Feline Grooming

Yawning Cat
Cat Grooming


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